some English information about the new Thurday protest (re:do!)

some English information about the new Thurday protest (re:do!)

You want to make a protest?
Skip organising and join the new Thursday protests (re:do!)!

Do you pity the many small protests with different concerns?
Bring them together at the new Thursday protests (re:do!)!

What is the new Thursday protest (re:do!)?
Redonnerstag is a weekly protest for the people and ideas that are not represented by current right wing politics in Austria.

Why did it start?
The previous Thursday protests stopped after the „blue“ right wing party resigned,
but since 2017, experts have been saying there is no difference anymore between that party and the current „turquoise“ one,
so we restarted the protests.

Why every week?
In the tradition of the previous Thursday protests, continuity is important to keep things in our minds,
and people know they can find us every Thursday at 6pm at the Platz der Menschenrechte in Vienna.

What happens on the reDo?
We aim to give a voice to marginalized people and a stage to positive projects at the open mic.
We show solutions like safe and climate-friendly protesting
and anticonsumerism alternatives like saving food.

Why do you protest so many causes in one go?
You cannot separate climate protection from gender and economic equality or refugee rights.
Diversity enriches us all.

How long will you protest for?
reDonnerstag will be at the Platz der Menschenrechte in Vienna every Thursday at 6pm until the government of Austria stops acting right wing.

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